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Partnering with Innovators

Basis Design has consulted and developed software capabilities for innovators across industries, and across the world.

Strategic Technology Partner to Symantec

Since 2007 Basis Design has been a Strategic Technology Partner for Symantec’s Endpoint Management track.

Our mobility solutions and specialist development services for the Altiris™ line of CMDB-integrated products are developed and supported through our BasisMobile framework.

Diverse Client Engagements

Our credentials follow from a strong history of delivering custom solutions and providing consultancy services for a large variety of enterprise verticals.
Project capabilities have spanned media delivery, mobility, distributed systems, real time control and more.

VoIP Telecoms

Financial Services

ICT Consulting


Dept. of Defense


Secure Financial

Banking & Finance

Macro Media

Success in Brand Diversity

Basis Design has successfully developed engaging brands and custom product lines for the Australian retail and consumer markets.

Zestify™ Range of Consumer Packaged Goods

In 2020 Basis Design launched a new line of CPG products under the Zestify™ brand, for retail sale in Australia.

Our experience in product management allowed a seamless transition into the food service industry, including establishment of retail sales channels, customer support infrastructure and integrated fulfilment networks.

Product Research and Development

We strive to provide best-of-breed products in each vertical where we operate.

We use an innovative and forward-thinking approach to marketing, advertising and sales that actively engages the consumer, resulting in higher initial sales and increased customer satisfaction.

Retail Condiments

Brand Development